At Toppers Pizza we believe decisions about what goes into your pizza should be made in a kitchen, not a boardroom. In fact, we don’t just believe it, we live it.



Those details begin with a friendly face, making dough fresh daily and insisting on real 100% real Wisconsin cheese. We don’t stop until we’ve double-checked every order and run them to the door so the food is still hot.

Some place “corporate” might say we do this by sticking to a set of core values. Maybe so, but at Toppers, it’s just who we are. 

Our Core Values guide us in everything we do.


Do you love pizza? Do you refuse to settle 
for good enough? Sounds like you’re already one of us.

Own A Toppers Franchise

There’s a right way and a wrong way to make pizza. If you believe in doing things the right way, join us.