Toppers is an ever-evolving pizza delivery brand that has capitalized on technology and culture best practices to create a growing brand. Toppers is pizza culture.

The Toppers story begins with the fact that pizza delivery chains are on fire! The big guys are growing, the middle guys are growing, and Toppers is GROWING! There's never been a better time than now to be in the pizza delivery business!

Pizza is a staple of the American diet, and it’s easier now than ever before to score a slice. Go out to get it, stay in and have it, order it online, or over the phone, go to the website or apps, text us, or even order at our counter. Any way you can dream of ordering it – boom, it’s there. Whether you want it delivered, you want to pick it up curbside, we've got you covered! Technology is causing the big guys to pull away from mom-and-pop stores and outside of the big three, nobody touches Toppers’ advancements in tech right now. Our size allows us to be nimble and quickly adjust to all of the ever-changing wants and needs of our customers.



CULTURE! What you’ll find most interesting about Toppers Pizza’s history is that it’s not, in fact, a story about pizza–it’s a story about culture. It’s a story about a brand that quickly figured out that it had a wonderful product. And while that product has since garnered a loyal and cult-like following, franchisees were drawn to the brand for a much different reason–the opportunity to be a part of a family, a culture and a dream.

It was clear from day one that Scott Gittrich was hell bent on leading Toppers Pizza into the top spot within the pizza industry. From the moment he delivered his first pizza in 1984 for one of the “other guys,” he immediately knew it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair. He loved the rush of the kitchen, the fight for the customer and the smiles that came from his team when a day was fought and won. He was a pizza guy in every sense of the word, and was extremely successful while working for a prominent Domino's franchisee, but that did not satisfy him. Scott knew that pizza could be delivered better with fresher dough and unique toppings. Before long, Toppers Pizza was born!


Bold Menu, Custom Toppings, Authentic Flavor

Since first opening our doors for business in 1991, Toppers has been on a never-ending mission to set the standard for high-quality pizza. Made with real Wisconsin cheese and fresh ingredients that you can actually pronounce, every Toppers pizza is crafted with love, personalized with care and baked to be unapologetically exceptional in every way. We make our dough from scratch every day. And thanks to our "Never Settle" attitude, we are on a constant mission to provide new and innovative menu offerings that the other pizza concepts don't give thought to. Why? Because giving customers what they want is one of our core values, and we stand firm in our core values.


Fanatics, Tech Savvy, Decisive

Nothing about Toppers is traditional, including our fans. Our pizza fanatics are a part of the family–they’re just as committed to pushing the envelope as we are. They’re doers, thinkers and influencers. Whether they’re posting on social media or getting ahead of the latest technology trend, our customers are the next generation—and the largest generation—of American consumers. They’re Millennials and Generation Z. And Toppers is committed to keeping them happy by staying ahead of the curve.


Fast, Reliable and Cutting Edge

In an era in which online food ordering is set to overtake traditional telephone orders for the first time, our goal is to make ordering the pizza of your dreams easier, quicker and more intuitive than ever before. That’s why Toppers pioneered a customized POS and online ordering platform that work in sweet harmony. In other words, the brand turned the average phone into a remote control for pizza. The end result is a happier customer (hello, speedy delivery) and happier unit-level economics (hello, higher check averages).